Latest News

To all our viewers and fellow believers, the official website for Faith Temple Church has not be canceled. The site was not updated due to personal issues among the leadership of the church, as the Devil has been attacking us daily due to the incredible blessings that Yahweh is getting ready to give to His people.  We ask you to keep us in your prayers as we prepare to enter into a new level in ministry and our calling by the LORD Himself.
There are some changes that will come to our site for the summer, which are listed below:

  • There will be a new feature developed by the Pastor herself called “Word of the Week”, which will feature a scripture reading along with some commentary from appointed members of Faith Temple Church. This segment will be posted on Mondays at 1 pm.
  • All other past devotionals posted on our site in the past will now be posted as a devotional book in PDF format that will become available in the Summer.

We thank you for your patience as we are in transition into a new phase of our ministry, and enter into the Victory that Christ gave His people upon His resurrection. May the Name of Jesus Christ be praised for all time!