FT News: New Changes are on the way

Bless the LORD! Today, the Faith Temple Website is getting some changes done in order to improve the quality and content of the site, starting today and lasting for an few days. The main changes will help bring more content and information about Faith Temple Church (although there is really an LOT of info on the site already!), which will ultimately show more of Faith Temple Church. Below are the changes that will be added soon:

  • News: All main updates will go to the News section. The News section will cover everything Faith Temple-related as well as news that is related to the Body of Christ in general.
  • Ministries: This section of the website will show the ministries that are active within Faith Temple Church, and cover in detail the purpose and goals of those ministries.
  • Devotionals: this area will show the devotionals that are available from Faith Temple. These will be the devotionals that have been posted before, the ones that are currently active, and upcoming devotionals.

These are the main changes that are coming to the website, which will be implemented within the next few days. Be sure to check back to see the new changes in action. Thank you and GOD bless!