Faith Temple News-10/12/2015

Greetings from Faith Temple Church. Sorry for the late news updates, but today there are some updates. These updates pertain to new devotionals, teachings, and media content to be featured soon.


First, There will be a new cycle of devotionals for the Fall-Winter 2015 season right into the Spring 2016 season. The first of these devotional will be the Weekly Wisdom devotional, which starts every Wednesday of each week. This devotional will feature passages from the Book Of Proverbs and the Book of Ecclesiastes, covering the benefits of having wisdom and the dangers of not using it.  The second devotional will be a Torah-based devotional similar to the Daily Torah devotional. However, this devotional will cover Torah Portions for each month starting this month.


There will be two new teachings that will be posted under a new section of the website called “Studies”, which will cover different topics for study. Under this new section, the first of these two teachings will be the “Functions Of The Holy Spirit”. This teaching will cover the Holy Spirit with a emphasis on understanding the functions, symbols, and attributes of the Holy Spirit Himself.

The second teaching will be a study into the Acts Of The Apostles (or commonly known as the Book Of Acts), with a study guide to help understand the various actions and events that took place and why they occurred.

These two teachings will be made available for viewing next week starting on Tuesday with weekly posts of each teaching.


Faith Temple Church is active on social media, mainly through our Facebook page, Twitter, Google Plus, and YouTube. The links for each of our social pages are available below, feel free to visit us and see what we are up to. Also on our YouTube channel, we will begin to upload some more videos of our services soon.

That is all the news about Faith Temple Church for now.  Check back daily for more updates and new content. Thank you and May Heaven smile upon you.