Upcoming Changes

Praise Christ Jesus everyone,

There will be some changes coming to our website in the coming months, with new content and updates. The first of these changes will be the launch of an Events calendar that will list our services, special events, etc. This calendar will be on a separate page titled “Events”, and will be made soon. You can use this to keep track of all our events, and even know what we will hold our regular services in case you wish to attend.

The Ministries page will be getting a major overhaul to added much more to the descriptions of each ministry of Faith Temple Church. This change will also come soon as well.

Also, Faith Temple is also on Faithlife (www.faithlife.com/) as well and there will be updates posted there as well. The link to our Faithlife profile will be made available soon.

These are the changes that are planned for our website, and we believe that you will be blessed by these changes. We have so much more planned and we cannot wait to share them with all of you.

Be blessed in Jesus’ Name,
Faith Temple Church