New Torah Portions & Other News

Praise Christ Jesus,

There will be a new Torah Portion launching on our website on the 29th of October, with new weekly Torah Portions posting every Saturday. While Torah Portions have been featured here before, there will be some differences this time. The Torah Readings for each week will be in the ESV (or English Standard Version) translation unless otherwise stated.

Alongside the Torah weekly readings will be the option to listen to the audio version of each portion while you read, so you can get a more immersive experience while reading the Scriptures. Each portion will have the audio version on each post so you can find them easily.

There will also be a new upcoming teaching that details the works of the flesh that is detailed in Galatians, with each teaching showing verses that outline each particular work of the flesh. This teaching series will be launched a week after the Fruits Of The Spirit teaching series is concluded.

The Events page will return later on but with some changes. Instead of an calendar, each event will be posted with the event name, time, location, and other info related to each event.

That is the news from Faith Temple Church for now, but there will be more news upcoming as we enter into the Fall Season. May JEHOVAH GOD keep you & those you know safe, and present to you the way of salvation through His Son JESUS CHRIST. Amen!