News Update

Praise Christ Jesus,

We at Faith Temple Church day New year to all of you, and thank Christ Jesus for keeping us throughout 2016. The first news update for Faith Temple Church relates to the Torah Portions on our website. New Portions will be posted later this week, and the audio will be available for listening at a later time. As soon as the audio becomes available, it will be posted on the site under the Torah Portions.

Faith Temple Church has recently launched our Men’s Prayerline and we would love for you to join us, hearing the Men of God pray and talk to Jesus. The Prayerline information is still the same as the Regular Prayerline, but the schedule is different. The Men’s Prayerline will be held every other Monday at 7:30pm, with the next session being held on Monday Jan. 23, 2017. Also, be sure to check under the Prayerline info for more info.

There will be new teachings that will be posted starting late Spring 2017 that will cover witnessing, the Works of the Flesh, and more. More information will be in the coming months.

Thats all for the news regarding Faith Temple Church, and the direction we are on. From all of us at Faith Temple Church, we say Christ Jesus bless you and keep you.