NEWS UPDATE-6/25/2017

Praise Christ Jesus everyone,

Faith Temple’s Youth Revival has concluded and we feel that Christ Jesus moved on the young people in ways that may not be apparent right away, but will manifest in their lives in profound yet uplifting ways.  During the Youth Revival, the Writings Of Wisdom was on hiatus due to the revival requiring so much help to make it a success. We apologize in advance for the lack of updates.

The Writings of Wisdom will resume on Wednesday June 28 with some changes. There will be no more audio for the foreseeable future, due to concerns over rights of some of the audio. Also, the audio will be taken down soon. The posts of Writings of Wisdom will be written using tables to provide parallel translations of each scriptural entry.

The Torah portions will be on an indefinite hiatus until further notice, but posts that were already published will remain on the site as archives for viewing.

That is all the news regarding Faith Temple events and site updates. We thank you for your patience & prayers. Remember that you can also check our Facebook page, Google Plus, & Twitter for updates as well. Thank you & Christ Jesus bless you.