Church History


In the year of 2000, during the Annual Holy Convocation the late Chief Apostle Dr. Martha S. Parker noticed the crowd of new converts that was following Dr. Mary Powell and said it is now time for her to come in from evangelizing and feed her flock. Also the Chief Apostle assigned Elder Michael Powell to work alongside his wife. Under much prayer, fasting and consecration God had given Dr. Mary Powell the name of the church, Faith Temple.
In the same year Faith Temple was formed right in the living room of Dr. Mary Powell and Co-Pastor Michael Powell on 60 Holly Rd. in Halifax North Carolina. Pastor Powell held prayer meetings from house to house and city to city. The Lord was blessing and saving people and delivering them from drugs, alcohol, putting families back together and healing them from incurable diseases.
Faith Temple first prayer meeting in Seaboard, NC was held at Sister Margie Boone house. Sister Boone residence was packed from the front of the house to the back. Souls were being added daily to the church. Pastor Dr. Mary Powell fed us the word of God and Sister Boone fed our bellies with good old southern cooking.
During these prayer meetings, Pastor Dr. Mary Powell laid hands on her son Devonta and God anointed him to play the keyboard and her other son Travis was anointed to play the drums. God taught Devonta and Travis to play skillfully without any music lessons.
In the meantime, Chief Apostle Dr. Martha S. Parker sent Pastor Dr. Mary Powell to the Seaboard Church right here 603 Park St. ext. The church was new also unfinished and hadn’t been used for years; when the Pastor and the saints viewed this property they were amazed at what they saw. No one could see the building because it was covered and surrounded by at least 60 or 70 trees. This was no match for the Pastor, Co-Pastor and the saints. Everyone got to work and started cutting down trees and pulling up tree trunks. God was sending volunteers from far and near and some people we never saw again.
Finally we able to enter the inside of the sanctuary of the church; we noticed that windows were broken out, bathrooms incomplete, floors unfinished and no running water. Pastor Powell had to get the city of Seaboard to installed pipes from the church to the end of road. God sent the people and the money needed to get the doors open and ready for service. October 15, 2000 Faith Temple officially was ready for service at the Seaboard location.

Over the years Dr. Mary Powell has faithfully obeyed and followed God’s plan for the church. Faith Temple has been a house of refuge for churches and the people of God. Pastor Powell has mentored a host of Pastors and has built up ministries far and near. Currently Faith Temple has gone international in Kenya and the Philippines.   Dr. Mary Powell is currently mentoring 4 Pastors overseas and making sure they have materials needed to spread the gospel. God is doing things BIG, UNUSUAL and SUPERNATURAL.

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